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Production process development for microbials

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Production process development for microbials

Development of microbial products

HBERC focuses on the research and development of microbial pesticides, microbial fertilizers, microbial feed additives and microbials for environment bioremediation. There are over 40 products developed at HBERC, of which 6 were entitled as National Key New Products.

Key technology

Molecular breeding technology: be developed based on techniques in genomics and synthetic biology, which can significantly enhance the expression level of target products in microbial resources.
High density fermentation technology: significantly enhance the productivity and reduce the production cost through high density fed-batch
Intelligent Clean process: Develop the production processes  which integrate clean and intelligent manufacturing of microbial products, and reduce the pollution in the process and the production cost.
Biocatalysis and green manufacturing technology: Develop synthesis, hydrolysis, separation of chemicals through the catalysis of enzyme, which could be in place of conventional high-pollution and high energy-consuming chemical synthesis, and increase the level of green manufacturing.

Innovative biological products

4 series of biologicals had been developed at HBERC as biopesticides, bio-fertilizers, biofeeds and bio-environment-protecting agents


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